Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Jade Rubies

The Jade Rubies --

Prologue - 1904

In a residential section of Guangzhou two men quarrelled, "Sai-kai-yai, you've messed with me once too often. I'll see you in Hell before I'm through with you." The fat man lifted his gun to aim at the arrogant young man in front of him.

The thin man's eyes flashed in anger. He reached behind his back to fell the razor-sharp blade of his knife. He turned slightly, gripped it. and deftly threw it at his target.

A gunshot blast exploded and a bullet zipped by, deathly close to his ears. Wong Yuen Sik breathed a sigh of relief when he stared down at the smoking gun that had fallen out of the fat man's hands. He shrugged his shoulders, not at all affected by the stunned expression on the dead man's face. He reached down to retrieve his weapon, wrapped it in his handkerchief, and quickly exited through the back door. He paused to look around. So far, so good- no one saw him.

More to come --


Jean Henry Mead said...

Intriguing and surprising from a woman writer. I'd like to read more.


Carol J. Amato said...

You've certainly set the reader up for some suspense and real trauma! I'm eager to see more!

greg said...

I want to buy this book where can i purchase it?